If  We´re having some Fun Waiting for the Down-to-Earth Aquaplaning Fans? For Sure!


Aquaplaning isn´t the right word; the concept of Skimboarding is rather based on fluid friction. Well... enough with being a smartypants. In Pangea you should expect nothing else than perfect conditions for Skimboarding – we´re skimming in a pool!

The only thing you need to do is bring your bathers and get active! Feel like the Silver Surfer and slide away. Well…flying through the air and shredding the obstacles should probably not be your first pick in the pool. However, the basics of this fun sport can be learned extremely easy and your first perfect slides won´t take long. Promised!

The next level trick shit can be awaited when the pro´s enter the pool. Assuredly they´ll treat themselves with some nice Hang-Times and Shuvit´s.

You up for summer and some Skimboarding? Here´s your limited Pangea Festival tickets.

Location: Sports

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