Program 2018

Get yourself ready! The 23th - 26th of august has pure diversity in store for you when the island of Pangea Festival is callin'.

Pangea is based on the pillars sports, music, culture and playfulness. These four areas of activities can be explored all over Pangea and make the festival a wonderful colorful experience. Choose from a pastiche of activities and inhale festival insanity not only in front of the stage but from so many different perspectives.

Participate in funsport workshops or contests in madly insane parks, shake a leg on five different floors, pick your favorite workshops from a huge bundle of cultural activities, movies, exhibitors, lectures and let your prenic be tickled in the playfulness areas.

However, we´ve had enough of preliminary words. Click yourself through the activities below and see yourself what´s so special about Pangea.

And always keep in mind - Never Stop Playing!