The festival area of Pangea island has many stories to tell. Exuding  a very unique aura one feels thrown back in time and inhales history right after entering Pütnitz. Remains of houses and hangars sowing extensive Russian graphic characters serve as quiet witnesses of long gone period of time when Pütnitz had been a lively airfield and later on used a Soviet military basis.

Large parts of the unique and 500 hectare area are only used for few occasions nowadays. Accordingly, now and then mother nature flaunts with its unspoiled state in this paradise. Keep your gaping wide open and you will most definitely spot rabbits scampering the camping areas and maybe you´re even lucky to see one or two deers. National park atmosphere right out the van- or tent door – you don´t have that every festival day, do you?

It´s this combination of raw, massive remains and northern German “Jungle” that forms the special and unique character of your oasis of recreation. The green is tempting you all over the place and sparrows sing their songs to you from the roof of hangars. Oh and by the way…we also have access to a lake, the “Bodden”.

Two small town called Damgarten and Ribnitz are in two, respectively five kilometers distance. So don´t worry if you forgot to bring your tooth brush or batteries for a flashlight. And by the way, both towns are worth a visit not only when you need to do some shopping…