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General business terms & non-liability declaration

1. Non-liability: I am aware of the dangers entailed by using the festival area, entailed by the events and the competitions taking place as well as the usage of the provided sports facilities (Skatepark, BMX track, Wakeboard facility, Longboard track etc.). My participation, especially in sport events and contests, takes place at my own risk, under exclusion of all liability of the promoter, its employees, appointees, helper, authorities, estate owners or other parties and companies connected to the organization of the event.

2. Behavior in the festival area: I have read the organization references and I oblige to follow these as well as the commands of the festival staff. I particularly oblige to respect the limits of the declared event area. I am aware the Technikmuseum does not belong to the festival area and can only be entered with a valid museum card.

3. Participation in contests: I oblige to only actively participate in contests or other activities entailing a risk for me personally or others, when having valid liability insurance and being in a sober state of mind, meaning free of alcoholic influence, drugs or medicines. I am aware the promoter is not liable for the aptitude of the active participants nor their material.

4. Marketing: I am aware the event is being recorded in sound and vision. I approve this and surrender eventual rights concerning the recordings to the promoter. I approve the marketing in the course of the following 10 years and renounce all claims against the promoter.

5. German right, jurisdiction: For all legal relationships following out of my participation in the event the German right is valid and the legal domicile Rostock alone.


Pangea Festival – Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Protecting your persona-related data and the protection of your sphere of privacy are important to us.

The ambition of our data-handling is to only gather, process and use person-related data that is relevant for a meaningful and economic usage of our offers.


Information Storage, Elicitation, Processing and Usage of Person-Related Data 

Person-related data like name, E-Mail addresses or address data is information by which your identity can be learned. Hereunder belongs no information that cannot be connected to certain persons.

Basically you can visit our website without giving information about your person. For the purpose of evaluation and continuous improvement of the quality of our website we are performing statistic analysis of the hits on our website. The resulting data is anonymised and do not allow inference regarding personal-related data of the users. We solely store hit data without person relation like the name of the Internet service provider or the website you came from. This data solely serves the improvement of our offer.

We use your provided E-Mail address without your separate approval for informing you for free about event updates, new products and services via E-Mail. The cancellation of the service is possible at all times via a link in our E-Mails.

When registering for the newsletter your E-Mail address will be saved and stored with your approval and used for the purpose of sending newsletters exclusively until the cancellation from the newsletter. The cancellation is possible at any time.

Your data won´t be used for compiling user profiles of any kind.


Transfer of Person-Related Data

We guarantee that gathered data will not be transferred to third parties, sold, leased or made accessible for money or for free in any ways.

The guarantee to not customize data is restricted when we are obliged to surrender data by judicial decree as well as within the scope of own justicement (e.g. judicial order for payment procedure).


Right to Information

After the Federal Date Protection Act you the right of free disclosure of your stored data as well as, as the circumstances require a right of correction, inhibition or deletion of this data.


Preference Person for Data Security

Questions regarding the gathering, processing or usage of your person-related data, disclosures, inhibition or deletion and correction of data as well as revocation of placed approvals may be send to


Supreme GmbH & Co. KG

Executive Board: Hans Jensen & Daniel Weiß

Am Strande 2e

18057 Rostock


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