We undertook ourselves a mental change of roles and wrote down all the questions that popped up as big question marks over our head imagining being a Pangea Festival visitor, or in short: a Pangean. In case you still have unanswered questions clamoring your mind: konsulat@pangea-festival.de

Arrival & Departure

The festival takes place in 18311 Pütnitz. The connections by bus, train and ferry (for all Scandinavians) are perfect! From the train station Ribnitz-Damgarten (west), there is a shuttle that will take you directly to the festival area, for 3€ per person. On Saturday there will be no shuttle service!

The departure times can be found here:


Departure times from Ribnitz-Damgarten (west):

At least: 12:30 pm / 01:30 pm / 02:30 pm / 03:30 pm / 04:30 pm / 05:30 pm / 06.30 pm / 07.30 pm / 08:30 pm / 09:30 pm

Return trips from the festival area start in between! When there´s a press of people, the shuttle transferes every 20 minutes without fixed departure times!


Departure times from Ribnitz-Damgarten (west):

At least: 11:30 am / 12:30 pm / 01:30 pm / 02:30 pm / 03:30 pm / 04:30 pm / 05:30 pm / 06.30 pm / 07.30 pm / 08:30 pm / 09:30 pm



No shuttle transport from the train station. However there will be surf shuttle and another one shuttling you guys to the Baltic Sea! You find the departure times under „shuttle“.



12:30 pm / 02:30 pm/ 04:30 pm / 05:30 pm / 06:30 pm / 07:30 pm / 08:30 pm


...are there on site, so you can take out the Pangoe - the official currency of Pangea!  Nevertheless, we recommend you still take some cash with you. If the electronics does not work it is always good to have a few euros in your pocket.


An own island obviously also needs its own currency. The official currency on Pangea is the Pangøe. You can exchange your money at the "Bank of Pangea" at the rate of 1:1 (cash or by EC card). The bank of Pangea will be open until Sunday, 7pm. We try to make the exchange back into Euro possible until then - no exchange fee!


Enjoy your meal! Barbecue is allowed in the camping area, however only at designated spots. From woods nearby you must keep a minimum distance of at least 50 meters. Open fires are strictly forbidden! Please respect the law of the consulship. Do people not respect these rules, please talk to them and point out that they´re camping right next to a beautiful forest and violate festival rules. Thank you!

Bathing Areas

Oh yes! Into the water! However, please respect the limits of the festival area and do only use indicated areas in order to take a swim! We will mark these special points and have to be strict with keeping up the rules.

Please do not use shower gel in the bathing areas in order to avoid pollution! Ultimately every Pangean lives in harmony with Mother Nature.


The normal visitors ticket includes camping with a tent. The lovely employees of Pangea will show you a nice and cozy place. Anyone who wishes to have a cozy time in his/her car in the camping area, must get a Car Camping Ticket for 33€. You don’t need your car right next to the tent? Then you´ll be able to park for free on a place not far away from the camping area. Car-camping tickets can be found here.

Nevertheless you need a passenger ticket, of course!

The camping area will be open from August, 22th /12:00 pm. We don´t mind you to stay after the festival has ended on Sunday in order to let your Pangea experience fade away. However, until Monday morning you should be ready to head back home. For those who like it quieter - pitch your tents in the family camping area.

Reserving camping or parking areas for others is undesired! Reserved areas must be cleared for other visitors when the area is getting packed. Generators are not allowed on the camping area and will be switched off. Campfires are strongly forbidden! The festival ground is surrounded by a beautiful forest. Please avoid the risk of forest fires!

Camping with Trailer

You want to camp with a car and a trailer? Then you will need two car camping tickets - one for the car and the other ticket for the trailer. Because after all a trailer occupies space too, doesn´t it?


Whether Skateboard, Longboard, Wakeboard or Skimboard – you can register for contests via E-Mail to sport@pangea-festival.de and on site of the festival.

Pangea Festival offers many opportunities to get active sportswise. Therefore it´s very important to fill out the disclaimer! It´s required when you compete at the contest and it´s required for each citizen of Pangea.

You can download the disclaimer HERE!


A separate island needs its own currency! Therefore, the official currency is the Pangøe. You can exchange your money at the “Bank of Pangea” in the rate of 1:1 (cash or by EC card).

This year the Pangøe will be in chip card format so that you always have the appropriate chip coins in your pocket.

The bank of Pangea is open until Sunday, 7pm. We try to make the re-exchange possible until then. There is no exchange fee!

Or instead of re-exchange why don´t you rather grab a slice of pizza & beer for the way home??! (As long as you´re not the driver of the car, of course!)

Unfortunately, the exchange is only possible until the end of the festival. After, they are useless. 

Dogs and other Pets

Your four-legged ones are hearing way too good for standing the huge “PangeaPeng”! So just take care of your pets and leave them at home! Whether 2, 4 or 8 legs, it's too loud and restless at the festival area!

If there is no other way, dogs (and all other pets ...) are allowed ONLY in the camping and parking area. (Only on a leash). NOT in the festival area itself!


This year, the entrance to the Pangea Festival is on the landing runway. Here, all visitors of the festival will have to park their car first and go to the pavilion for the chek-in procedure with ticket, identity card, filled in Disclaimer and if applicable Muttizettel! If you have no car-camping ticket, you can park your car at the end of the landing runway and walk the short distance to the camping area.

When needed, you can buy a car-camping ticket for 40€ on site, only as long as available of course.

You already have a car-camping ticket? Then you drive past the parking area at the end of the landing runway until you will find the car-camping check point. Here, your ticket will be scanned and your way to the car-camping area and four wonderful days is free.

Film, Pictures and More...

... are great memories of a colorful summer weekend! Therefore you´re allowed to take pictures and videos. But please respect the privacy of other people!

In the festival area itself professional equipment is forbidden. This means, cameras with larger lens are forbidden! This is because we want and need to respect the photo rights of the artists.

Our photographers will be there to take great pictures and films of you guys and the festival so that all of us can reminisce about Pangea!  With filling out the disclaimer you approve to the marketing with this pictures over the next 10 years and waive all claims! But don´t be afraid - we will only show you from your best!


Bring your flashlight to the festival! Of course, there are lights at festival site but with the own flashlight, it makes more fun and it´s also really exciting on the huge festival grounds!


On the festival area you´ll find many things with or without meat! Of course, you´re allowed to bring your own food and beverage to the festival. Enjoy your meal!

The entrainment of water to the festival area in which sports activities are offered is permitted in plastic bottles and only in usual amounts until 6 pm. Naturally in the camping area glass bottles are welcome!

In the festival and camping areas you can fill up your water bottles on all our points for drinkable water!


In order to keep pollution at a minimum you´ll get a garbage bag at the entrance of the festival.

When buying your ticket 5€ of the ticket price is the so called garbage deposit. You´ll get the 5€ back you hand in your full garbage bag at the garbage deposit station at the end of the festival.

When is a garbage bag full? When it´s at least half full!

The garbage bags will be issued to the garbage deposit stations at the camping areas. Where these exactly are is listed in the passport you get when you arrive. The stations are open for you on Sunday/9am - 7pm.

Having Fun

Is urgently required and absolute condition for participating in the festival.


Here´s where you get help, information and support when you have general questions. You´ll also find highly visible information boards all over the festival area. These boards inform you about changes and news concerning the festival.

In case you´re noticing you´re running out of money during the festival - no problemo! Register at the Pangea employment office anytime and we´ll hook you up with a job...


Of course we have a lot of jobs in Pangea! If you like to work at the festival, you´ll find our job form HERE.


Each visitor is liable for himself and potential  damages caused by him! At the entry each visitor must fill out the disclaimer. With this, the question of liability is answered.

Limitation of Age

Up to the age of 12, the Festival visit is free of charge. For all people under 16 years of age the festival is only accessible, when accompanied by a parent or an adult-guardian. Everyone is welcome! However, for people under 16 years of age the party area is NOT allowed in the evening!

You are between 16-18 years of age? Then take the „Muttizettel“  in twofold copy to the festival. Why the copy? One for the consulship of Pangea and the other one  for you so you can order drinks at the bar.

In addition, you need a copy of the identity card of the parent or adult-guardian, who completed the list. Your parents signature on den document states that you are allowed to participate in the festival. If you´re under 18 years of age you are not allowed to be in the festival area after midnight!


It´s a particularly unique and special location. The ground of the former airport has a lot of charm and offers you great camping and forest areas a water sports area and lots of space!

A map of the area will be supplied at your arrival - let yourself be surprised.

More information regarding the location can be found HERE.


Each visitor under 18 years requires the consent of the legal guardian. You must bring the „Muttizettel“  in twofold copy to the festival, as well as the signed disclaimer!

Both are available here to print, fill out and bring with you:

The MUTTTIZETTEL can be found HERE!


Opening of Pangea Festival

The official beginning is on Thursday the 22th, August at 12:00 pm. From this time onwards the parking and camping areas are open. Before this parking and camping on the festival ground is not possible!

This year, the entrance is open 24/7 and we´ll snap your festival wristbands whenever you like.


… are on festival site and take care of your aches and pains!

Parking Areas

… are sufficiently available. You have the opportunity to "park only“ and sleep in your tent, then you need no car ticket. The other option is to park your car in the camping area and sleep in it or just know it at your side. Then, however, you´ll need a car camping ticket for 33€.

The ticket can be found HERE.


Is strictly forbidden! Respect that!


Portable toilets or "honey buckets" belong to each festival. Therefore they are available everywhere in Pangea.  Shower trolleys and mobile bathrooms are also directly at the camping area available!     


Security can be found all over the festival area. They take care and help you!


Showers and toilets are located directly at the camping area! The water on the festival area is also for drinking, so you can enjoy it for tea and coffee as well ... 

Shuttle Service

From the train station Ribnitz-Damgarten (west), there will be a shuttle service that will take you directly to the festival area, for 3€ per person only. The bus runs once per hour at least. However, there will be no shuttle service on Saturday.



Departure times from Ribnitz-Damgarten (west):

At least: 12:30 pm / 01:30 pm / 02:30 pm / 03:30 pm / 04:30 pm / 05:30 pm / 06.30 pm / 07.30 pm / 08:30 pm / 09:30 pm

Return trips from the festival area in between! When there´s a press of people, the shuttle rides every 20 minutes and has no fixed departure times!



Depature times from Ribnitz-Damgarten (west):

At least: 11:30 am / 12:30 pm / 01:30 pm / 02:30 pm / 03:30 pm / 04:30 pm / 05:30 pm / 06.30 pm / 07.30 pm / 08:30 pm / 09:30 pm

Return trips from the festival ground each between! When there´s a press of people, the shuttle rides every 30 minutes and has no fixed departure times!



No shuttle transport from the train station, but surf shuttle and Baltic Sea shuttle service!



Departure times from the festival grounds:

12:30 pm / 02:30 pm/ 04:30 pm / 05:30 pm / 06:30 pm / 07:30 pm / 08:30 pm




Friday: 11:30 am/ 01:30 pm / 03:30 pm

Saturday: 9:30 am / 11:30 am / 01:30 pm / 03:30 pm

Sunday: 11:30 am / 01:30 pm


For the Pangea Festival you need no ticket, but a visa. In your visa camping is included, just like "normal " parking!

The Early Early Bird visa is sold out. But the official presale starts on October 10th at 10:10 am. with the Early Bird. Attention: All visa are limited!

Here's where you get the tickets.

Those who want to park with their car in the camping area need to buy a car camping ticket for 33€.

You get the car-camping Ticket HERE!

Ticket Sale


The Early Early Birds were already sold out at the Pangea Festival! But no panic, the official presale starts on October 10th at 10:10 am. with the Early Birds. Click HERE for the ticket shop ... 

But Attention, hurry up, because all visa are limited! Grab you unforgettable summer highlight, served on a silver platter and breathe the Pangea madness! 


The festival ticket is your visa. More information about this, can be found under „TICKETS“ or directly HERE.


This year we came up with an elaborated water system, to get sufficient pressure on the tube. Even the Mayas would be proud on us!

Pütnitz is a huge area with only a few water connections. The water for you guys comes from afar and causes high costs. Therefore, we have to raise 1 Pangøe for the use of water toilets and 3 Pangøe for showers. Portable toilets are still free!

Workshop Registration

Whether Longboard, Ukulele, Kitesurf … Please register for the workshops on festival site! Directly at the workshop registration which is located next to the bank of Pangea in front of Hangar 4.

The detailed overview about workshops, times and for which workshops you have to register you´ll learn on the spot!

If you would like to participate at contests you could sign in here: sport@pangea-festival.de 

Workshops & Fees

The activities available on the island of Pangea are ticket included. However, also on Pangea exceptions confirm the rule. Therefore, when you’re interested in a kitesurf and windsurf  workshop you should be prepared to pay a fee of 10 Pangøe (shuttle transfer to spot, professional instructor, material). The cultural realm of Pangea offers various workshops. Some of these require a small fee for materials to work with. The rule of thumb here: when you can take home a beautiful souvenir, a small contribution will be needed.