Explore Mecklenburg

A summer without beach and sea is like a cocktail missing the umbrella, a waffle without ice, like a festival missing the music. And because time spent among best buds can never be too much we´re serving you guys some hot reasons for prolonging your stay in the region of Mecklenburg.

So how about taking a windsurfing course in Warnemünde, starting a nice little voyage by raft à la Huck Finn or knocking back a beer at one of the beach bars along the coast? Your lugs are pursed? Then let´s get going…

Watch the Birdie…

Get to know Mecklenburg Vorpommern through the lens. The region offers unique settings for photographers.

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Beach Bars & Party Action

Come down or party hard – it´s like Sophie’s choice.

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Floating Houses - Go for it!

Two by two, as a group of four? Doesn´t matter. With friends – that´s the main thing!

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Windsurfing & Kitesurfing – The Adventure Zone

Enjoy Mecklenburg Vorpommern from the sea side. Passion that sticks like a glue…

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Stylish Accomodations

You´re looking for the real deal? How about staying overnight in a tree house or on a houseboat?

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4 days of Pangea madness is not enough....

Four days of Pangea Festival madness is not enough! Here´s some extra play-off time...

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