Surfboard Shape Workshop

You always dreamt of shaping your very own stick? Well… time to make your dream come true!

At the surfboard shape workshop you´ll be able to carve a unique piece that´ll definitely become your favorite board as it is handmade - by yourself. The guys of Backwood Surfboards will be your professional guide at this workshop and will show you how it´s done.

Choose of a variety of shapes and see how your darling takes shape. And then… on your next road trip to the ocean you can introduce your new girlfriend to your old love: saltwater waves.

We promise you one thing: shaping your very own board is a unique and wonderful experience you shouldn´t miss out on. Something you don´t get the opportunity to do that often! So grasp it and get your limited Pangea ticket now!

You just don´t feel the surfisurf thing but you are into longboarding? No problemo! Register for the longboard shape workshop and make your decision concerning flex and form. Screw on some wheels, cruise through the land of Pangea and go crazy on the longboard track.

This workshops requires a registration in advance. The registration form will be waiting for you guys here by the start of may....

Location: Culture

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