Bulli Kitchen

Yum yum! Now is the time to cook and sizzle until the five course dinner is on the table.

You´re always on the road with your Bulli and fed up with canned food and noodles with pesto? No problem! In the Bulli Kitchen you get to know how to conjure delicious and fresh  food rich in variety with the simplest measures when you´re on the move. It´s time to wittle, sizzle and nibble away like there´s no tomorrow. Doesn´t take long and taste´s perfect anyhow. All of you sweat teeth will get full and happy.

After your tummy is full you better take a digestive break. How about attending a nice lecture and listening to adventurous stories? Afterwards the Bulli Garage workshop is already waiting for you. Here you can set your hands on the typical Surf vehicle and learn helpful advice concerning repairing a Bulli. Or maybe you just putter around your own Bulli gadget in the Bulli Goodie Shape workshop.

Your mouth is watering? Then get your limited ticket now and explore all the different activities Pangea offers.

Location: Culture

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