Phat Juggernauts

Pütnitz at the lake is not only your lovely festival home, the Technik Verein Pütnitz e.V. feels salvaged in mother nature´s womb as well. This may be due to the on-site off-road playground, which you´re invited to go crazy as well this year (no entry fee for the museum, rides with the vehicles not festival ticket included, prices here.

That´s right! Your (childhood) dreams of horsepower in mud will be coming true – finally. On your festival schedule 2016: off-road rides in hyper phat juggernauts! You won´t be finding that at your tent door at any other festival.

The test track is perfectly suited for testing the qualities of off-road vehicles and will shake your brain like a martini – presumed you´re not driving like your granny… So how a about a nice little tour in a off-road vehicle?

You don´t feel it, yet? Maybe the off-road truck!?

Still not feeling it? Well…then maybe the passenger seat in a 8-wheel off-road truck…

Nope? Well then hop in the track vehicle or the amphibious vehicle and make it smoke on the water. Take a cruise at the lake and cheer on the Pangeans on the Blubb. Here the passenger seat is enough action. Promised!

You´re rather the guy that likes driving vans? Catch on the of the museum coaches. However, this is where you meet the real juggernauts. A ride in the bendy bus will be a very memorable experience. Go for it!

There´s no need to register beforehand. Just visit the Technikverein and hop on. You want to wrap up your tour in a tank? Contact Here´s an overview of all the activities.

Btw: much more action awaits you guys in the wakeboard-pool, the bouncy castle o rat the gig of Stimming. Get your ticket to happiness…

Location: Playfulness

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