Never stop playing excitement!

Crazy little rascals! We wanne thank each and every one of you guys for making Pangea Festival 2016 such a special place and time. Overwhelmed by your energy we are grateful for your smiling faces under the sun of Pangea island. Thank you so much for sharing the idea of forgetting the world for four days with us. Pangea is #themostlovelyplaceinthewholewideworld!

Keep the good vibe fire burning friends.

Explore Mecklenburg

Four days of Pangea Festival madness is not enough? Well, then wrap up your gang of little rascals and explore the federal state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Besides the confetti cosmos of Pangea there´s heaps of adventurous things to do! Click click…

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The festival in pictures


Pangea Festival 2016 - The Movie

Pangea Festival - The movie.

Click play and beam yourself back to the oasis of sports, music, culture, playful activities and adventure...

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The Glitz Set

Only for you! The wonderful set of The Glitz at the 3000 Grad Bühne...

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Pictures 2016

Enjoy beautiful pictures of the Pangea madness...

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Program 2016


blackflip .. no frontflip .. oh dear i feel dizzy - Pangea Festival

Sports are the elixir of life of Pangeans. Get active or see your jaw drop when the pro´s get down to work.

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Pangea Festival

The second pillar of Pangea is music. Explore established acts as well as newcomer and insiders tips in crazy locations.

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Pangea Festival

Participate, listen, get active, putter around and gather knowledge. Let yourself drift through Pangea.

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Blubb - Pangea Festival

Your inner child wants to frolic and we know that. Fly the Blubb, rock the castle and behave mischievously.

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